Caline Malnoury

Caline Malnoury

Caline Malnoury was born in Lyon to a musical and artistic family.

 After completing her musical studies, she received several first prizes for the organ from the conservatories of Lyon, Grenoble, and Paris. Among her professors were Louis Robilliard, Pierre Perdigon.and Marie-Claire Alain,

 For her musicology degrees she completed several works on composers from Lyon:François Berthet and Joseph Reveyron,

 With her eclectic tastes she participates actively in the musical scene and its numerous events, including radio broadcasts, conferences, communiqués, master classes.and musical season of Charbonnières and Vourles

After a stint as the cathedral organist in Dijon, she was affiliated with the Basilique de Fourvière in Lyon.then Saint Bruno-lès-Chartreux…  

 Caline Malnoury also gives numerous recitals in France and abroad. She is also the guest of international festivals:: Notre-Dame de Paris, Dijon Cathedral, Saint-Antoine l'Abbaye, Saint-Donat, Cintegabelle, Festival of Enclos in Brittany, Le Havre, Grenoble, Montpellier ... , Fano, Rome Jubilee of the year 2000, Festival del Biellese, Festival of Como, Festival Fabio Merulo of Parma ... (Italy) International Festival of old organ of Valère in Sion, Geneva, Lausanne, Oliva International Organ Festival, Temples of Masuria, Millennium of the city of Gdansk (Poland) Frankfurt, Braunschweig ... (Germany) Zaragoza, Teruel, Cella, Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Sitges ...(Spain ), Copenhagen (Denmark) .Lethorad and Prague (Czech Republic). Moscow (Russia) Festival Slovak historics organs (Slovakia)

 She performed  in Catholic Cathedral and Castle in Moskow and at the Sochi (Russia) auditorium for the International Organ Festival in August 2014.